Name: WBAR ItsMisterChex2U (A.K.A. Mr. Chex)

Sire:  Cowboy Chex (Peace Maker X BL Poco Bueno)
Dam: WF Dumpling (Wiregrass Guns a Smokin X PPF Gunflower)
D.O.B. 3/27/11
Horn: T2T: 79.125 (11/7/54)
Horn: Base: 19.75 (6/13/14)

Mr. Chex is just the second Bull to reach 75" T2T and 19" Base, and he did it at just 34 months of age. His Pedigree is stacked from top to bottom with BASE (Cowboy Chex, Peacemaker and PPF Gunmaker) and TIP to TIP (BL Poco Bueno, LCR Buena Joya, Horsehead Showtime). His first calves are now arriving and they are awesome!  


NAME:  Clear Cut

DOB: 7/1/13
Sire: Clear Win (Win Win X Bowl of Roses) 85.25 TTT, 20.06" Base
Dam: Jama Dandy (Jamakizm X Field Dandy) 71 TTT, 1430 pounds
Horn: 38.50" TTT (9/22/14)

Price:  NF$

What a beautiful, correct base tool! He rivals anything (confirmation, thickness) in our Angus Herd.


                                      Sire: Clear Win                                      Dam: Jama Dandy

Clear Cut has several unique tools.  He will go down as the largest Bull we have ever used.  He has solid confirmation and thick legs, deep brindle color and, of course, huge horn base.  His Pedigree is also very unique for us.  

Co Owned with Pace Cattle Company, Dirty Spur Cattle Co, Lucky R Longhorns


NAME:  PCC Front Runner

DOB: 11/12/13
Sire: PCC Rim Rock 82.25 TTT (JP Rio Grande 80 TTT X PCC Horizon 80+ TTT)
Dam: PCC Flying Sparkles 76.25 TTT (Rio Bravo Chex X Horseshoe J Feat)
Horn: 35.75 TTT @ 1 year,  51.125 @17 months, 67.00 (8/12/15 (24 months)

This Boy is really putting on the horn.  He will have an exceptional  2 year measurement.



Front Runner will see use in 2015.  Sire and Dam are stacked with horn.  

Co Owned with Pace Cattle Company



D.O.B.: 12/28/13
Sire: Fifty Fifty BCB
Dam: Horseshoe J Innovate

This Bull comes to us from our friend Jimmy Jones.  Together with Jimmy, we and Pace Cattle Company will utilize this Bull's unique tools in 2015.  


NAME:  PCC Steel Force

D.O.B.: 9/24/14
Sire: Mr. Chex
Dam: PCC Sparkles

Horn: 38.125 (10/29/15)

Price: 1/2 interest - 

Beautiful Brindle Bull by Mr. Chex and out of PCC Sparkles who is the Dam of PCC Frontrunner.  We own him in partnership with Pace Cattle Co.


NAME:  Bull Calf

D.O.B.: 3/31/15
Sire: Silver Bullet
Dam: Beere's Arabanna

Price: NFS

We used to own this Bull's Dam and Granddam.  Both have a ton of horn. Co owned with Beere Cattle Co. and Pace Cattle Co.  He's a Prospect.  Time will tell.  We love his Grulla color.


Roadblock (Steer)

D.O.B.: 6/15/12
Sire: Bomber Chex 80
Dam: BW Head Wind

Horn: 73.375 TTT 7/27/15

We are planning on sending Roadblock to Western Nebraska where he'll graze our pastures near Chimney Rock.  He'll be quite a site.