Name: BH Looking Good

D.O.B. 04/20/07
Sire: Darkstar Chex

Dam:Shilo Backwoods Barbara
Horns: T2T: 70.375(7/27/15)

Consigned to Oregon Sale

Great proven producer.  

Name: BL Strawberry Jam

D.O.B. 11/26/06

Sire: JP Rio Grande
Dam: BL Love Country Queen

Horns: T2T: 66.75 TTT (11/20/14)
2015 Service Sire: Front Runner

Price: $2,000 (cow only)

A Bob Loomis bred Rio Grande Daughter out of one of Bob's fine female families.  Heifer calf at side by Clear Cut.

Name: RJF Magic Mia

D.O.B. 11/19/09

Sire: Boomerific
Dam: JH Classy Mia

Horns(T2T) 71.375(4/30/15)

Consigned to Oregon Sale
Service Sire:  Front Runner

We acquired this beautiful female from Bentwood Ranch at the Midwest Sale.  She just had a heifer calf on 5/23/15 by Rio Rambo.  ______________________________________________________________________

Name: PCC Double Delight

D.O.B. 11/28/09

Sire: Rio Bravo Chex
Dam: Horseshoe J Delicious

Horn(T2T) 74.375 (6/01/15)

Price:  NFS
We purchased this fine Cow from Scott and Tytan Pace.  She's a total package Cow. Horseshoe J Delicious is from one of Jimmy's finest families and last measured 84.875.  All the females in the family are spectacular (Horseshoe J Advance, Night Chill, Overchill, Overlyn as I read down the bottom of the Pedigree)

Name: BW Twice Shy

D.O.B. 12/03/10

Sire: Cowboy Chex
Dam: BL North Wind

Horns: T2T: 61.50 (9/19/14)

Service Sire:  Front Runner

Lots of horn in this Pedigree. We purchased this heifer at the side of her Dam at the 3 Amigos Sale and she comes from Bob Loomis' Herd.

Name: Titans Pepper EOT 

D.O.B. 4/5/11

Sire: Titan EOT (Boomerang CP X Tabasco's Lezawe)

Dam: HL Sweet Pepper (Bo Jangles Chex X TC Pepper Rose)

Horns: T2T: 69.25 (11/20/14)

Price: $7,500
Service Sire:  Mr. Chex

We purchased Titans Pepper from Mike Bowman at the Midwest Sale.  We had her pegged at the sale as our favorite and we were glad we ended up with her.